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“Sara has a way with words. She was able to take my very intimidating science lingo and translate it in a way that people can understand and relate to. She also added unique buzzwords which are super eye catching and make a big difference. Sara took my website from “just okay” to very professional.”
~Dr. Ammie Chapman, D.C., AM Chiro Performance

A few short months ago, life as we knew it changed forever. It’s too soon to predict how social distancing will alter the face of commerce. But one thing is certain – your website has never been more important.

Whether you sell a product or provide a service, almost every business, from catering to yoga instruction, is being offered at home. Even therapy and legal counsel has been taken online.

Depending on your target market, your website may be the only contact your customers will have with your business. In other instances, a client or customer’s online experience with your company is the only opportunity they have to compare what you offer with your competitors.

What is a copywriter, exactly?

When I started my business, I kept running into the same question. What do you do, exactly?

Copy or content are the words you read in all types of marketing materials for a business or service. Good copy is crucial to the success of any marketing or fundraising campaign.

Copywriters write copy. There are many names for people in my business. Content Creators, Digital Writer, Marketing Specialist… regardless of the title, we all do the same thing. We create content for promotional publication.

You need copy that converts to sales. Whether you are just starting your own small business, or are an established organization seeking to improve your online presence, I am an experienced writer with an ever-growing portfolio of satisfied clients.



Professional copywriting allows me to combine my love for social service with my passion for writing. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work, and a master’s degree in journalism. I have experience writing in the non-profit, academic, and corporate sectors. The best part of this job is learning about other people’s passions, and helping them find the words they need to turn that passion into profit.

What do I do?

A little bit of everything! From blog posts to entire website content to print marketing materials, I can write it all. Here’s a complete list:

Blog posts
Website content
Product descriptions
Case Studies
Sales and donor letters
Press releases
Grant writing
Respond to RFPs
Copy editing

I also do a touch of light web design. Depending on your project, I partner with my colleagues and friends Tom Metcalfe at Metcalfe Media, and Yoshie Barnett at Lotus Flower Journeys to give you the design and business management support you need to thrive in today’s online environment.

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What others are saying

“Sara is a delight and highly professional! She is extremely intelligent in an unassuming way. I worked with Sara in a corporate setting several years ago. In that environment, I found her to be exceptionally easy to work with. Because I knew that she was a remarkable writer, I reconnected with her recently to help me with content on my website. Although she had zero background on the consulting services I provide, she did not hesitate to dive in and learn! She listened. She helped me structure the message on my site to suit my needs even though my needs were somewhat contrary to industry standards. Sara is reliable. She did exactly what I wanted her to do. She helped me help myself and she can help you too!”
~Melissa, Human Design Guide, Empower Your Design

“Sara helped me write the description for a real estate listing of mine. She was able to simply describe the property in a way that truly represented the home while painting a beautiful picture. She was prompt and professional. She made sure I was happy with the end product.”
~Jacque Lorang, Broker, Heavenly Homes Real Estate

“Terrific dedicated writer 😀 – We really enjoy working with Sara and are looking forward to a long cooperation.”
~Pierre, Owner, My Small Store

“Sara is amazing at what she does. She did an excellent job writing a biography for me to add to a web page and presentation I was doing! Her level of professionalism and timely manner was amazing! Thank you so much!”
~Amber Newman, Health Coach, United for Health

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